Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Would that be another long period of time since my last post.
It would.
There seems to be another landmark, that is, the last sixty days of the year are upon us. It seems fitting to remark that this should be another time for me to post and state my recommitment to my best health.
And well it should, for I have not been altogether good. Not altogether bad either. But definitely lacking.
So there.
I recommit to my best health. For the rest of the year, the rest of my life.
Sunday, August 10, 2008

Absent, but not Idle

I've been working out-really! After we nearly killed ourselves moving from the old house to the new one, we rested a couple weeks and then started back to working out. The new neighborhood is perfect for walking with wide sidewalks and soft hills and a beautiful pathed walkway through the woods all the way down to Bethany (about three miles). Lovely.
Most weeks I lift weights two or three times for about 45 minutes each session, and walk 45 minutes every morning I'm not working, which amounts to four times a week. In the evenings, husband and I will walk or ride bikes for 45 minutes or so. At least once a week, I like to "try" and do a Jillian Michaels workout. I can do about half of what she wants you to do, about halfway. At least I try. I spend a lot of the workout time just laughing at myself. Pushups the "real" way? Ya gotta be kidding!
Today, Sunday, the official start of the week, I walked 55 minutes with husband and George the dog. Then did a 12x12 weight routine, then a concentrated workout on the shoulders and chest, for a total of about 45 minutes. Then abs for about five minutes.
Monday, April 21, 2008

Last post--March 19? What the?

And that is due to one thing--getting this house on the market has been a real time hog. There has been no time for exercise, at least not of the "take a walk, lift weights" type, but certainly of the "up and down the ladder, painting everything in sight" type. Once the house is on the market, this should all change.
I hope.
Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Six weeks plus a little

So Easter will be six weeks till my birthday. Keeping up with my goals has not been easy. I've had a lot of days that I have just not felt well at all. Most of it is hormonal, but have had some funky little virus-y type illnesses, like little bit of fever, malaise, stomachache. Sometimes it is hormonal, as in migraine, but now there is a new one--anxiety attacks, which cause insomnia and bad dreams, and something close to panic attacks. It feels very out of control. I can link it to work, and quite possibly that could also be linked to Benadryl, which I take before work for a 2-3 hour nap, or Ambien, which I take after work. Wonder if Ambien causes anxiety attacks. Typically the panic/anxiety attack will be about 12 hours after I take the Ambien.
Sigh. Time to review.
And, yes, Ambien can cause panic attacks. So guess I won't be taking that anymore. And that just reinforces my dislike of taking medicine.

Another thing I have noted is that if I drink a lot of Diet Coke, or drink Diet Coke without being well-hydrated, I have increased PMS symptoms, and a "hard" menstrual period. I will watch my intake carefully.
I have started following the "I Can Make You Thin" series. This week I am supposed to: 1) eat when I am hungry, 2) eat what I want, 3) eat consciously, 4) eat till I'm full (I think that is the last one). Eating when I am hungry is a problem, as I eat emotionally. Eating consciously is also a problem, especially when I have to stuff myself in five minutes or less for lunch at work, or shovel food in to stoke the furnace before work. Guess I will have to work on those things. Eating consciously is not so hard, and certainly eating what I want is easy. I will try to improve the eating consciously thing by turning off the television when I eat. This will also be good for Chip and I so we can talk in the evening.
I generally eat well, and have been trying very hard, not always successfully, but I would say more and more successfully, to eat well.

This I have not done very well. Working on the house has taken top priority, and although I get a lot of exercise painting and so forth, it bites into the time I usually spend devoted to exercising. All of the bedrooms are complete now, so I don't have an excuse not to lift weights. Husband got out the military workout, and we both need to start AND CONTINUE that. And since Daylight Savings Time, we have been taking walks at night when he gets home from work. Somewhere in all the moving of stuff, I lost my Pilates dvd, and one of my goals today is to find that dvd.

NOW, about that six weeks thing; I'm getting closer and closer to the 52nd birthday, and as I am actually working on Easter (six weeks before my birthday), I figured it would be a good idea to think about and recommit to those goals of being in the best shape of my life. Obviously, I am not going to be in the best shape of my life by my birthday, but the process of moving in that direction is the actual goal.
Wednesday, February 6, 2008

89 Days to Go

And here's a happy picture to balance out the not-so-happy ones--

Not doing so well--I have all the excuses, but no real reasons. It's a process, right?
Friday, February 1, 2008

94 Days to go

Yesterday I took some pictures of myself. Here are the links to the pics--they are private, as I didn't want to frighten anyone.
Front View
Side View
Rear View
Close-up Face

My rosacea looks pretty good. Heck, my skin looks pretty good for my age. I have a little droopiness that is developing along my jawline, which I am hoping will disappear with weight loss.
My hair. Heaven help me, what am I gonna do with my hair? Answer: it must be styled. All the time. I'm going to try and go natural in color again.
Body looks fairly proportional. I have this wierd look with my thighs, a few inches above my knees, they just explode. I will work hard on that during the weight loss, massage and extra leg exercises.
Everything looks pretty "up there", things look fairly firm, just large. I have the one feature that I have always dreaded and despised--my tummy sticks out as much as my boobs do. But I do have to say that this swimsuit smashes my boobs something terrible, to the point of, it's uncomfortable. But my tummy "is" big.
Thursday, January 31, 2008

95 Days and Counting

Here I am at Wednesday, 95 days more in my quest to "My Best Me". I'm keeping up poorly with my daily goals. Bad weather and inaccessibility to the exercise equipment have given me an excuse not to exercise. So, I resolve to do better with that.

I need to add a goal--the keeping of a DAILY food journal.

So today my goals are:
1) brush and floss my teeth
2) meditate five minutes--use the meditation podcasts I have on my iPod
3) walk three miles--listen to knitting podcasts
4) lift weights or do some other activity such as Pilates/Yoga--this will mean that I have to clear out the exercise room and maintain workout space
5) drink copious amounts of water--clean out the Brita, put a new filter in, fill up and empty it twice today
6) take my vitamins--even if it is just my multivitamin
7) eat as organically as possible--no problem
8) talk to two people I love--call Mom today
9) get appropriate amounts of sleep--
10) keep a food journal online here

What I ate today:
B: 1 cup of Kashi--190 kcal.
1/4 cup blueberries--20 kcal.
1 cup of milk--120 kcal.
total: 300 kcal.
L: Taco Bell quesadillas--350
1/2 cup carrots--20
8 vanilla wafers--140
total: 510 + 300 = 810
snack: T of peanut butter on 3 whole grain crackers, apple--250
total: 810+250+1060
D: 4 oz. salmon--200
1/2 sweet potato with 1/2 T. butter--105
1 c. spinach--20
Snack--10 cookies--180
cereal--frosted mini-wheats--100
milk--1/2 cup--60
total: 340+1060=1400 calories
Saturday, January 26, 2008

Day One--99 days to my best health for the rest of my life

I just really do want to get in the best shape of my life. I really, really do.

I am motivated by fear. Over the last year I have watched my mother's rapid health deterioration. It's not that she hasn't had a slow deterioration over the past five years, because she has, but the last year has been devastating. And quite sad. And a majority of it could have been avoided had she taken care of herself. If she had been an appropriate weight, and exercised appropriately, most of this sufferig could have been avoided.

And I can learn from her mistakes. I cannot continue to live as I am or I will follow down my mother's path in life.

Therefore, I am here to ACT. I am here to achieve my best health--ever and forever.

I eat fairly well. That is, I know how to eat well. But I don't always eat well. And I can. And will. Now.

I have an active life. That is, at work. I'm a nurse, and my job makes me walk. A lot, three to five miles in a 12 hour shift. Three times a week. I know how to exercise and what my body responds well to, and I have the equipment to exercise. But I don't exercise regularly. And I can. And will. Now.

My current daily goals are to brush and floss my teeth, meditate five minutes, walk three miles, lift weights or do some other activity such as Pilates/Yoga, drink copious amounts of water, take my vitamins, eat as organically as possible, talk to two people I love and get appropriate amounts of sleep.

I would like to do all of those every single day and add a new long term goal--I would like to lose twenty pounds. Twenty pounds, yes, twenty pounds. I'm not sure if I can do it by myself. I lost thirteen pounds as recently as five years ago, but I've gained it all back and more. So I know I can do it, there was something in the past that demanded that I lose that weight. I had a good motivation, the wedding of my son. And I looked GOOD. I had tons of energy, and I felt really, really good, too. This time I am motivated by not so positively, I'm motivated by fear and embarrassment. Somehow I need to turn that around and make my motivation positive. And for that my goal needs to be what I envision for myself, that vision of a glowingly healthy soon to be 52 year old woman who is a role model and at the height of her wellbeing.
My birthday is 99 days away. Ninety-nine days to My Best Health. Ninety-nine days to My Best Health for the REST OF MY LIFE.