Thursday, January 31, 2008

95 Days and Counting

Here I am at Wednesday, 95 days more in my quest to "My Best Me". I'm keeping up poorly with my daily goals. Bad weather and inaccessibility to the exercise equipment have given me an excuse not to exercise. So, I resolve to do better with that.

I need to add a goal--the keeping of a DAILY food journal.

So today my goals are:
1) brush and floss my teeth
2) meditate five minutes--use the meditation podcasts I have on my iPod
3) walk three miles--listen to knitting podcasts
4) lift weights or do some other activity such as Pilates/Yoga--this will mean that I have to clear out the exercise room and maintain workout space
5) drink copious amounts of water--clean out the Brita, put a new filter in, fill up and empty it twice today
6) take my vitamins--even if it is just my multivitamin
7) eat as organically as possible--no problem
8) talk to two people I love--call Mom today
9) get appropriate amounts of sleep--
10) keep a food journal online here

What I ate today:
B: 1 cup of Kashi--190 kcal.
1/4 cup blueberries--20 kcal.
1 cup of milk--120 kcal.
total: 300 kcal.
L: Taco Bell quesadillas--350
1/2 cup carrots--20
8 vanilla wafers--140
total: 510 + 300 = 810
snack: T of peanut butter on 3 whole grain crackers, apple--250
total: 810+250+1060
D: 4 oz. salmon--200
1/2 sweet potato with 1/2 T. butter--105
1 c. spinach--20
Snack--10 cookies--180
cereal--frosted mini-wheats--100
milk--1/2 cup--60
total: 340+1060=1400 calories

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