Saturday, January 26, 2008

Day One--99 days to my best health for the rest of my life

I just really do want to get in the best shape of my life. I really, really do.

I am motivated by fear. Over the last year I have watched my mother's rapid health deterioration. It's not that she hasn't had a slow deterioration over the past five years, because she has, but the last year has been devastating. And quite sad. And a majority of it could have been avoided had she taken care of herself. If she had been an appropriate weight, and exercised appropriately, most of this sufferig could have been avoided.

And I can learn from her mistakes. I cannot continue to live as I am or I will follow down my mother's path in life.

Therefore, I am here to ACT. I am here to achieve my best health--ever and forever.

I eat fairly well. That is, I know how to eat well. But I don't always eat well. And I can. And will. Now.

I have an active life. That is, at work. I'm a nurse, and my job makes me walk. A lot, three to five miles in a 12 hour shift. Three times a week. I know how to exercise and what my body responds well to, and I have the equipment to exercise. But I don't exercise regularly. And I can. And will. Now.

My current daily goals are to brush and floss my teeth, meditate five minutes, walk three miles, lift weights or do some other activity such as Pilates/Yoga, drink copious amounts of water, take my vitamins, eat as organically as possible, talk to two people I love and get appropriate amounts of sleep.

I would like to do all of those every single day and add a new long term goal--I would like to lose twenty pounds. Twenty pounds, yes, twenty pounds. I'm not sure if I can do it by myself. I lost thirteen pounds as recently as five years ago, but I've gained it all back and more. So I know I can do it, there was something in the past that demanded that I lose that weight. I had a good motivation, the wedding of my son. And I looked GOOD. I had tons of energy, and I felt really, really good, too. This time I am motivated by not so positively, I'm motivated by fear and embarrassment. Somehow I need to turn that around and make my motivation positive. And for that my goal needs to be what I envision for myself, that vision of a glowingly healthy soon to be 52 year old woman who is a role model and at the height of her wellbeing.
My birthday is 99 days away. Ninety-nine days to My Best Health. Ninety-nine days to My Best Health for the REST OF MY LIFE.

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