Friday, February 1, 2008

94 Days to go

Yesterday I took some pictures of myself. Here are the links to the pics--they are private, as I didn't want to frighten anyone.
Front View
Side View
Rear View
Close-up Face

My rosacea looks pretty good. Heck, my skin looks pretty good for my age. I have a little droopiness that is developing along my jawline, which I am hoping will disappear with weight loss.
My hair. Heaven help me, what am I gonna do with my hair? Answer: it must be styled. All the time. I'm going to try and go natural in color again.
Body looks fairly proportional. I have this wierd look with my thighs, a few inches above my knees, they just explode. I will work hard on that during the weight loss, massage and extra leg exercises.
Everything looks pretty "up there", things look fairly firm, just large. I have the one feature that I have always dreaded and despised--my tummy sticks out as much as my boobs do. But I do have to say that this swimsuit smashes my boobs something terrible, to the point of, it's uncomfortable. But my tummy "is" big.

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