Saturday, January 10, 2009

What I did on Thursday and Friday

Well, not much, due to the shift from hell on Wednesday, and and a much-better-shift on Thursday. Went for a walk on Friday night for about thirty minutes with the dog and hubby. Hubby wasn't feeling very well, so we came home early. He got called in to work, which, thankfully, is only a few minutes away, but came home dragging his hind end. He went straight to the bed and within thirty minutes vomited. I've never seen him so sick. Poor thing was shaking with the chills so hard that I thought he was speaking gibberish. That was a full blown GI bug or food poisoning. All plans to work out went by the wayside so I could take care of my sweetheart.
Praying I don't get it. I have a minor cold now.
This morning I will work out with weights and do some ab workout and yoga. Maybe walk later. Later because now it is 34 degrees with a wind chill of 23 degrees. Wind is gusting to 26, sustained winds of 17 mph. Not going out in that.
Working (at work) tonight and tomorrow, so little working out to on Sunday/Monday.

What I did on Wednesday, but didn't say so!

Wednesday I did the BFL upper body workout, and I shoulda posted immediately, cuz I forget what I did. I know I used the free bar a lot and started with 22.5 and added 5 pounds each time. And I used the bar on my machine a lot too to do back, triceps and shoulder workout. If I remember correctly, I started with 20 pounds and then added five pounds each time. Except for the triceps, and I started with 15 pounds and added 2.5 pounds each time. I think. I'll have to try to look at what is left on the bar and machine and figure from there.
Anyway, I also did a yoga workout. And walked the dog for about an hour. The weather was lovely.
Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Fair Start

I did a BFL lower body workout. Used the bar only as the other equipment is still pushed up against the wall. Started with 27.5 lbs. on the bar and added 5 lbs each time. (42.5 at the end)
Also did some yoga stretches, but that was cut short due to DIL phone call.
Had a massage.
I am wicked sore this a.m.
Headache that started right after massage, will not quit, woke me up several times last night, even with 400mg. Ibuprofen. Back hurts in my tender spot, has since I over did on Saturday.
Trying to drink an enormous amount of water to help flush.
Niece over for dinner last night. Chicken, rice pilaf and carrots for dinner. Still plowing through all the bad food.
Today I'll do an aerobic work out. Plan is to warm up well with yoga, then walk/jog out for 15 minutes and back. After the rain stops. Hopefully this afternoon.
Monday, January 5, 2009

Starting: A Body for Life Challenge

Starting today! Finishes approximately April 5. (Twelve weeks.)
Goals for this challenge:
1) Lose at least five pounds.
2) Reduce intake of processed foods, increase intake of organic/local foods.
3) BFL 3x per week.
4) Aerobic workout of walking/jogging/running of at least 30 minutes 4x per week.
5) Pilates workout of at least 30 minutes 2x per week.
6) Yoga workout of at least 30 minutes 2x per week.
7) Abs workout at least 2x per week.
8) Ride bike at least 30 minutes 4x per week.
9) and usual daily goals--meditate 15 minutes per day, drink at least 8 glasses of water, eat at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables, take my vitamins, floss my teeth.