Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Fair Start

I did a BFL lower body workout. Used the bar only as the other equipment is still pushed up against the wall. Started with 27.5 lbs. on the bar and added 5 lbs each time. (42.5 at the end)
Also did some yoga stretches, but that was cut short due to DIL phone call.
Had a massage.
I am wicked sore this a.m.
Headache that started right after massage, will not quit, woke me up several times last night, even with 400mg. Ibuprofen. Back hurts in my tender spot, has since I over did on Saturday.
Trying to drink an enormous amount of water to help flush.
Niece over for dinner last night. Chicken, rice pilaf and carrots for dinner. Still plowing through all the bad food.
Today I'll do an aerobic work out. Plan is to warm up well with yoga, then walk/jog out for 15 minutes and back. After the rain stops. Hopefully this afternoon.

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