Sunday, June 7, 2009


Forgot to post all last week. Since that last workout on the 29th, I've done three 0 to 5k "runs". Even though week three was hard, I pushed ahead to week four. After three times of running week four, I am still not up to running five minutes all at once. I am loathe to drop back to week three. I think I will try to do a week three run and see how it feels.
I do feel like I need to add a long run once a week. I need to find my heart rate monitor and that should help push me a bit. I did time myself and I did 11 minute miles. Sigh. I know it'll get better, especially as I lose weight.
Weight? I'm not losing, but I'm not gaining either.
DH and I have decided to strive as much for a Paleo diet as we can. Five days a week is fairly easy for us as we eat at home. Weekends are not so easy, but we decided we're not gonna go crazy with the Paleo thing, just strive for it.
Ahh, lessee, lifting weights. Did that twice since the 29th. Both times I did a 12x12 workout with 42.5 pounds of weights. The first workout I did 100 situps of various kinds, and about 10 minutes of Pilates. The second workout I also added one cycle of upper body workout from Body for Life, lifting what I thought was the heaviest weight I could lift 12 times.
My shoulders and biceps are still tender, and that was four days ago.

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