Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ya know---

Ya know, if I would actually write in my blog once in a while--I might actually keep up with working out.

Well. I have reasons. That I haven't been writing. Or working out. Work. Planning wedding. And planning and giving many of the parties for the wedding. And going to the parties for the wedding. And babysitting the grandson. And making a recipe book for my daughter for a shower gift. And taking Dad to Houston for cancer treatment. And being sick. And getting older and not bouncing back from being sick as fast as I used to.
But they're nothing more than excuses in the end for being a fat lazy slug. Sigh.

But I have lost weight. Eight or nine pounds. Hooray for Weight Watchers.

And we're trying to do as Paleo a diet as possible. Paleo--Weight Watchers. Hmm. Why not?

And I have been listening to the weightloss hypnosis cd from "I Can Make You Thin" when I feel that I'm falling off the wagon with the weight loss. It. Works. Really.

And now that the wedding is over and I'm through the first couple of weeks of taking care of the grandson, and we have a little routine going, and I'm ACTUALLY feeling well--I have no reasons (excuses) not to work out and eat well and lose those extra night shift pounds I've been adding over the last three years.

I'll do a lil' Body for Life, a lil' 0 to 5 k, a lil' cycling, a lil' Cross Fit, a lil' Paleo-Weight Watchers, a lil' yoga, a lil' Pilates, a lil' whatever strikes my fancy. With a goal of an hour a day of activity. Chip's gonna hang the chalkboard in the exercise room to keep track of our weights. And I'm gonna make copies of the BFL program to hang on the walls--I need some kind of cork strips or something to hang them on.

So, in my best Girl Scout pose, taking an oath--I will try my best to exercise every day and post about it, to help my family meet their wellness goals, especially those at home.

Starting Monday when I wake up from my day sleep. Don't laugh. I'm still feeling pretty crummy and I want to concentrate on getting through the next two nights of work.

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