Thursday, September 23, 2010

Maybe not the BIGGEST loser. . .

but I do want to lose. What better excuse than to lose with Biggest Loser.

More later. . .
Sunday, August 8, 2010



Not in as "I did well", but rather, as in, "sigh".

In typical Barbie fashion, I couldn't leave well enough alone. Always gotta be tweaking and pushing forward. And I just have to rein myself in and not tweak so much that I hurt myself.

As it is just too durn hot to do most anything outdoors, I went to our beautifully appointed city fitness center. I walked a couple miles at 3.5 mph and rode the stationery cycle for 6.5 miles, 10mph/75rpm/level one. I also went to our subdivision's pool and "swam" 250 yards.

That night, my right knee was cussing me. And I think it was the cycling, because that's the only time my knee was uncomfortable. I think the 6.5 miles was too much.

And I just didn't know a think about riding a stationery bike. Heck, I had to ask how to turn it on. Oh, you have to actually start pedaling for it to turn on. Who knew?

I decided I needed to do some research. I dragged out the beloved Cooper aerobics book and started looking at what it recommended for old geezers like me. And good gracious, the plan doesn't call for riding 7.5 miles until the 15th week. Hmm.

While I was looking at the Cooper book goals, I made some new goals for walking. Cooper calls for swimming 300 yards the first week, too much. I'll work up to that.

The next workout I also went to the workout center. I walked two miles at 4mph, 30 minutes. And I planned to ride the stationery bike at 15mph/55rpm for 4 minutes. (that's 1 mile, geez.) It took some fiddling and diddling with the levels to get comfortably to that goal, but I ended up at level 12/13 to get there. And I ended up riding for 10 minutes. (that's 2.5 miles--I'm smoking, folks!) I didn't always stay as high as 15mph, but my knee isn't screaming at me today, either. I plan on doing this workout for a few more times before moving ahead.

And, finally, I went to the pool and "swam" for 200 yards. That wasn't my goal, but there were a lot of kids at the pool, and they were swimming across the pool, instead of with the lanes. I am beginning to think I need to consider the pool at the fitness center earlier than I had planned. They always have lanes open just for lap swimming. But for me, it's an embarrassment thing. No one in the lanes swims as poorly as I do, or is as heavy as I am. My goal is to continue to improve my swimming skills and lose enough weight by the time our outdoor pool closes so that I can swim laps at the indoor pool, which I am guessing (unable to find info at the hoa website) is 4-6 weeks away. I can do it.
Monday, July 26, 2010

Down and out

I will post more often. Promise. There hasn't been a whole lot to say. Injured my shoulder, not exercising, but at work. It was all I could do to go to work and do my job for two months. I think the durn thing was semi-dislocated, because as I was healing, I started lifting light weights and when I did a chest press, there was a distinct CLUNK and although it hurt like a mother at the time, (seriously, it was one of those moments where the tears sprang out of my eyes), my shoulder hurt much less afterwards.
I know, I shoulda gone to the doctor. Have I gone yet? No. I know. I'm stubborn like that.
One of the blogs I follow, Tallgrass Prairie Studio, is sponsoring a quilting/fitness challenge called the "Improv(E) Your Butt Challenge". And heaven knows, I need to exercise more and quilt more.
My goal is to complete a quarter triathlon every week. That's 0.6 miles swimming, 28 miles cycling, and 6.5 miles running. Every day I'm not working (4 days a week), my goal is to "swim" 0.15 miles, bike 7 miles and "run" 1.625 miles. Since I'm just starting out, and I'm still dealing with my shoulder injury, "swimming" will consist of just moving through the water as best as I can, biking will consist of me trying my best to move forward and not fall off the bike, and running will consist of a combination of walking and jogging.
I do want to continue with a couple sessions of yoga and pilates per week and getting back to lifting weights regularly.
And eat clean. I know I can do it.
Saturday, April 3, 2010


This week I amazed myself. Temporarily.

Using free weights, dumbbells only, I did an hour plus some workout for my upper body. Biceps, triceps, back, shoulders, chest. I started low in weights and was determined to seek that goal of finding the heaviest weights I could lift. I was thinking in the range I had been working out, eight to 12 pounds. I knew I would be going up to at least fifteen pounds this workout.

I started with ten pounds and increased to 12, then 15, then 18 pounds on each cycle, and did a decreasing amount of reps--12, 10, 8, 6. I even did an extra cycle of 12 pounds of ten reps.

What surprised me was that I could do more than I thought I could do. I was able to get up to 18 pounds, 6 reps, on dumbbell curls (biceps), dumbbell curls (triceps), one arm dumbbell rows (back), bent over raises (shoulders), and dumbbell bench press (chest).

I threw in a few more cycles of dumbbell flyes and seated dumbbell press, which is where I maxed out at 10 pounds, as well, a whole 'nother cycle of ten pounds, ten reps for all seven exercises, and my total weight lifted for that session was about TWO TONS! I was so surprised and proud of myself!

I was talking to my son, who powerlifts, and asked him how many pounds he typically lifts during a session. I knew it was going to be somewhere out there, but a girl has to have something to shoot for, right?

Ba-dum-dum. He said--oh, lemme add it up.....13,400 pounds. Nearly 7 tons!

I know I'll never reach that. I'm a girl and I'm pushing 54 years old. Not gonna happen. And not that I want to. That's not my goal. My goal is to do a time efficient workout, finding weights that are a little stressful, not impossible, and to leave me tired but not wasted.

And, honestly, it didn't occur to me until a couple of days later that, well, I was thinking way too small in terms of weight. I could do a more efficient workout if I could eliminate a few of the types of exercises I do and increase the weights. The plan is to lift four cycles, with increasing weights of 12, 15, 18, 21 for only five exercises--dumbbell curls (biceps), dumbbell curls (triceps), one arm dumbbell rows (back), bent over raises (shoulders), and dumbbell bench press (chest).

And let's see how that goes.
Thursday, April 1, 2010


Four and a half miles on the bike in 30 minutes. Concentrating on not falling off and trying to pick up my speed.