Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hmm, chopped salad.

I saw Mark Bittman's video on about three recipes that will change your life--lentils and rice, broccoli stir-fry, and chopped salad. Chopped salad I say what is that? Ahh, well, it's salad makings chopped into small enough bits that you get many ingredients in one bite. Makes sense. Also, it's a healthy and good-looking meal. So I googled chopped salad, and low and behold, not only is there a restaurant called "Chop't Creative Salad Company" , but there is a whole web site for chopped salads. I'll be trying some of those combinations soon.
By the way, I googled "lentils and rice", and by golly, there used to be a a blog called--you got it--lentils and rice, but it is no longer there. Poop. Looked interesting.
And, of course, there are innumerable sites/recipes for stir-fry. I'll be looking at those as well. The seasonings/sauce are a mystery to me.

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